1818 Data Dr
Hoover, AL 35244
(205) 444-0008

The StarDome Comedy Club in Hoover, Alabama, is a popular entertainment venue known for hosting a variety of comedy shows featuring both local talent and nationally recognized comedians. The club provides a lively and intimate atmosphere where audiences can enjoy stand-up comedy performances, improv shows, and other comedic acts.

Located in the Birmingham area, the StarDome Comedy Club has been a staple of the local entertainment scene for many years, attracting comedy enthusiasts from across Alabama and beyond. The club features a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement, as well as a full-service bar offering a selection of drinks and snacks to enjoy during the show.

The StarDome regularly features a diverse lineup of comedians, including up-and-coming talent as well as established names in the comedy industry. From observational humor to political satire, the club offers something for every comedic taste.

In addition to its regular comedy shows, the StarDome Comedy Club occasionally hosts special events, themed nights, and comedy competitions, adding to the excitement and variety of its programming.

Overall, the StarDome Comedy Club provides a fun and entertaining night out for comedy fans in the Hoover and Birmingham area, offering laughter and good times in a welcoming and relaxed environment.



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